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  1. Who is my contractual partner?

    Your contractual partner is the Jaguar & Land Rover dealer where you rent the vehicle. By signing the rental agreement with the dealer, the booking is completed and you enter into a contractual relationship with the dealer.

  2. How can I rent a vehicle?

    Booking is quick and easy. Simply enter your desired pick-up location and booking period, determine your vehicle preferences and review all corresponding models that are available. Then select your chosen model and confirm. The overview will show you details of the selected vehicle as well as the contact details of the Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer where it is located. Please note that the image may differ from the actual rental car in terms of colour, features and powertrain.

  3. Where can I find a Jaguar & Land Rover RENTAL partner near me?

    When searching entry under "Find a rental", you can find all Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailers located within the distance you specify.

  4. When can I pick up and return the vehicle?

    You can only pick up and return your rental vehicle within the opening hours of the selected Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer. If the vehicle is not returned at the agreed location and time, the retailer is entitled to charge a usage fee at the applicable standard rate for each day commenced.

  5. How can I change a booking?

    You can make changes to your booking through your selected Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer. You will find their contact details in your user account under booking information or in the email with your booking confirmation.

  6. How can I cancel a booking?

    Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the rental period. If this does not happen, you will be charged the standard daily rate according to the tariff valid at the time of cancellation, unless the vehicle can be rented out to someone else. 

  7. Is there a tariff for business customers?

    There is a special business tariff for both short-term and long-term rentals, which is displayed when you make your selection. Jaguar & Land Rover RENT offers you the option to have both a private and a business customer account as an individual.

  8. What is the maximum time I can book a vehicle?

    For private and business customers, the maximum rental period is six (6) months.

  9. Is the a contractual binding in the case of a business rental?

    When renting a vehicle for business purposes, you enter into a contract with your selected Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer. There is no possibility of termination by regular notice during the agreed term. Please refer to the rental terms and conditions for extraordinary termination.

  10. Do I get a copy of the invoice?

    You will find a copy of the invoice for your rentals in your personal user account as well as in a separate booking confirmation by email.

  11. Are there any other costs?

    Additional costs may incur in the following cases:

    • cancelling a rental too late (see “How can I cancel a booking?”)
    • charges for additional mileage (the terms and conditions of the local Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer apply)
    • late return of a rented vehicle
  12. Where can I find the rental terms and conditions?

    The detailed rental conditions can be found in the footer of our website and in your booking confirmation.

  13. Can I rent any vehicle?

    The following minimum driving ages by brand and model are applicable:

    Land Rover

    21 years: Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque
    23 years: Defender
    25 years: Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Discovery, Range Rover Velar

    Possession of a valid driving licence for at least:

    3 years: Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque
    5 years: Range Rover Sport, Range Rover, Discovery, Range Rover Velar, Defender


    21 years: XE, XF, E-PACE
    23 years: F-PACE
    25 years: F-TYPE, I-PACE

    Possession of a valid driving licence for at least:

    3 years: XE, XF, E-PACE
    5 years: F-PACE, F-TYPE, I-PACE

  14. What documents do I need for the vehicle rental?

    When collecting the vehicle, you must present the following documents:

    • a valid domestic driving licence for the respective vehicle class
    • a valid identity card or passport
    • a valid credit card

    If you are unable to present the required documents when collecting the vehicle, the lessor will withdraw from the contract. Claims on your part due to non-fulfilment are excluded in this case.

  15. What payment options are available?

    A valid credit card is required to make a reservation on the booking page. Your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer is entitled to reserve a deposit equal to the excess on your credit card. You are obliged to pay your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer the total amount resulting from the individual items shown on the front of your rental agreement. This includes the settlement of any missing fuel on return. The cardholder's signature is considered authorization to debit the full invoice amount from the relevant account. This authorization also applies to subsequent debits as a result of rental corrections, damage claims including corresponding towing costs as well as administrative costs incurred for processing.

  16. Can I have another driver entered in the rental agreement?

    You may add another driver when you pick up the vehicle, provided your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer agrees. This is subject to the additional driver providing a valid driving licence.

  17. Which countries can I travel to with the rental car?

    In principle, travel abroad with your rental vehicle is permitted in the following countries:

    Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain (mainland), Vatican City and the United Kingdom. The lessor reserves the right to block entry and transit, even for the aforementioned countries, either generally or on a model-specific basis.

  18. Which countries am I not allowed to travel to?

    Please note it is not permitted to enter and/or transit the following countries with the rental vehicle:

    Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (islands), Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine.

  19. Do the rental prices include fully comprehensive insurance?

    The rental vehicle is not covered by fully comprehensive insurance. You can reduce your liability for vehicle damage or loss to a specified excess per claim by paying an additional fee. Such a contractual exemption from liability corresponds to the guiding principle of fully comprehensive insurance.

  20. Do the rental prices include liability insurance?

    The rental price includes motor vehicle liability insurance at least to the extent required by law in Austria under the Compulsory Insurance Act. In the event of an accident caused by yourself, you are responsible for the costs of the third-party damage up to the amount of the excess.

  21. What should I do in the event of damage?

    The renter or driver is obliged to notify the police immediately in the event of any damage (accident, fire, theft, damage caused by animals - or any other damage). If the police cannot be reached by telephone, the damage event must be reported in person at the nearest police station. This also applies to minor damage to the vehicle and self-inflicted accidents not involving third parties. After you have notified the police, please inform your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer.

  22. Who do I contact in the event of a breakdown?

    In the event of a breakdown or an accident that leaves your vehicle undriveable, please contact Jaguar Land Rover Assistance. The easiest way to reach them is via the Optimised Assistance, SOS Emergency Call button on your vehicle or by telephone on 01/89 240 40.

    Please have the following information ready when you contact them: 

    • your name 
    • your location 
    • your vehicle registration number and chassis number 
    • a telephone number at which you can be reached 

    Then please also inform your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer.

  23. Can I also rent vehicle accessories?

    You can obtain suitable Jaguar Land Rover Genuine Accessories such as towbars, roof racks etc. from your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer. Please contact the Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer with whom you have booked a vehicle directly as far in advance of your booking as possible.

  24. Do I have to pay vignettes or tolls myself?

    If you have any questions about the procedure for vignettes and tolls, please contact the rental station directly.

  25. May I smoke in the vehicles?

    No. Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles out of consideration for other users.

  26. Are pets also allowed on board?

    Please understand that pets are not permitted in Jaguar & Land Rover RENT vehicles.

  27. Who is liable for traffic violations during the rental period?

    As the renter, you are responsible for the consequences of any traffic violations or criminal offences found in connection with the rented vehicle. You are liable to the retailer for fees, costs and all damages incurred by the retailer in connection with administrative and legal proceedings. The retailer is expressly entitled to provide information about the renter and driver to inquiring authorities.

  28. Are there any processing fees for fines?

    The relevant Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer may charge a fee for the processing of traffic fines.

  29. Who do I contact if I have not committed the offence?

    Please inform the relevant authorities and your Jaguar & Land Rover RENT retailer if the data should differ.

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